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Spin type cleaning system compatible with high definition photomask

WULF series

  • High speed diffusion of fluid to the cleaning surface
  • Rapid elimination of contamination and reaction products
  • Water markless drying


  • With the advancement of LSI performance, photomasks and reticles are required to have higher definition and precision.
  • Our cleaning system contributes to the high clean and yield improvement of these products and cooperates in the production of more complete products.
  • Equipped with a spin cleaning unit using functional water,
    This unit is capable of removing organic matter, metal ion and contamination up to the detection limit level by centrifugal force of work rotation and discharge of ozone water and ammonia added hydrogen water.
    By switching and cleaning each solution, it is an environment-friendly tool that can remove impure deposits on the workpiece at high speed, and at the same time manage waste liquid.
  • Adoption of cleaning solution and method to replace RCA cleaning solution,
    SPM → Ozone water
    ・ Realization of complete room temperature cleaning
         (high temperature process unnecessary),
    ・ Chemical solution residual amount reduction on mask,
    ・ Securing waste solution treatment (ISO14000 measure),

    SC-1 → Hydrogen water (ammonia added)
    ・ Etching prevention of MoSi halftone mask,


PSM final clean (SPM free)
Category No. Item Specification
Blank 1 Particle Free >32nm
2 PRE% ≧95%
Image Layer
(pattern side)
3 Remaining Soft defect on QZ ≧0.05um (Yield : 98%)
4 Remaining Soft defect on Shifter ≧0.05um, ≦10ea (Yield : 98%)
5 SRAF (Dark) missing No missing
6 Pattern damage, ESD, Scratch No damage
7 Shifter change (Phase) ≦-0.2 degree, average by 10X clean
8 Shifter change (Trans.) ≦0.025%, average by 10X clean
9 Shifter change (CD mean) ≦0.15nm, average by 10X clean
10 Shifter change (CD Range) ≦0.5nm, average by 10X clean
Ion residues 11 Chemical residue (SO4) ≦0.5 ppb
12 Chemical residue (NH4) ≦17.0 ppb

Outline specification


Cleaning device body 7300㎜(W) x 1410㎜(D) x 2300㎜(H)
Power BOX 1400㎜(W) x 500㎜(D) x 2150㎜(H)
Chemical BOX 2500㎜(W) x 700㎜(D) x 2000㎜(H)
Filter BOX 2600㎜(W) x 700㎜(D) x 2000㎜(H)
Hot DIW Unit 1250㎜(W) x 550㎜(D) x 1750㎜(H)
H2 water・CO2 water Unit 1050㎜(W) x 1500㎜(D) x 2000㎜(H)
O3 water Unit 570㎜(W) x 850㎜(D) x 2000㎜(H)
Utility Three phase 200V & Single phase 100V
DIW & Cooling water
Clean dry air & Nitrogen gas
General exhaust, Acid exhaust & Alkaline exhaust

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